Why Your Child’s Hand-Eye Coordination Matters (and How to Improve It!)

Hand-eye coordination is one of the first skills your child begins to learn as they grow out of infancy. It affects how well they can use their hands, eyes, and brain!

This skill has a major impact on how well your child can interact with the world around them. It even forms the building blocks for more advanced skills later on, such as reading and writing.

In this post, we will explore exactly what hand-eye coordination is, how it relates to exercise, and how it can be improved!

What is Hand-Eye Coordination?

Hand-eye coordination refers to how your brain and body communicate.

Three main parts of the body affect the skill:

  • The Brain: The brain is responsible for processing information. When your child picks up an object it is the brain that directs the body part to make the correct movements.
  • The Eyes: The eyes are the connector between the brain and the rest of the body. The eyes provide visual information to the brain. This information can relay distance, depth of field, and more.
  • The Hands: The hands are the part of the body that carries out the instructions of the brain. The hands work together with the eyes to complete tasks.

Hand-Eye Coordination and Exercise

Practicing different exercises is a great way to hone a child’s hand-eye coordination – but why?

Exercise requires children to pay closer attention to what information the brain is sending to the body. Rather than running on auto-pilot, kids must work harder to make their bodies do what they want during physical activities.

Regular exercise is a key component in ensuring your child’s hand-eye coordination develops properly. It helps them to learn how to multi-task and process information faster!

How to Improve Your Child’s Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination drills focus on enhancing your child’s ability to focus on the task at hand.

These drills can include many different exercises, such as:

  • Skip roping
  • Playing catch
  • Balancing on a beam
  • Juggling
  • Bouncing a ball

The key is to pick out activities that encourage kids to work on both their balance and coordination.

Visit our YouTube channel to view some fun exercises for kids you can try today!

Final Thoughts

Hand-eye coordination can affect all areas of your child’s life. The skill is necessary not only for reading and writing but for maintaining physical fitness as well!

Ensuring your child is given the opportunities and resources to improve their hand-eye coordination is key. Without this skill, life can easily become much more difficult than it needs to be!

If you are interested in teaching your child more about hand-eye coordination, consider checking out Balance Academy’s online classes. Our classes focus on core and coordination training – two crucial elements when it comes to hand-eye coordination!

Fun Exercise for Kids

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