Boost Your Child’s Attention Span with Core & Coordination Training
Fun exercise for kids


Did you know that core and coordination training can help boost your child’s attention span as well as their physical fitness?

Daily exercise and training are essential for your child’s health. With a consistent routine, you child’s ability to focus can be greatly enhanced.

How Core Strength and Coordination Affect Attention Span

Core strength and coordination affect all areas of physical fitness, including endurance. But what does endurance have to do with attention span?

Your child’s physical endurance has effects on their mental endurance as well. As your child pushes their body to increase their physical stamina, they must work to increase their mental stamina too.

Mental stamina helps kids to overcome anxiety and doubt about their physical ability. It also helps kids to improve their ability to multi-task and focus during mentally challenging activities! This can include activities such as learning a new concept in school or completing tough schoolwork.

Exercises for Improving Focus in Children

There are several types of exercises that help to improve your child’s attention span. These include:

  • Aerobic Exercises: Aerobic exercises includes activities such as running, biking, and swimming. These exercises are especially good for improving a child’s physical endurance. Plus, they require children to build up the mental strength to push their bodies further!
  • Yoga: Yoga involves both core strength and coordination. Practicing yoga helps teach kids how to focus on their movements.  This can be a great way to improve their ability for multi-tasking as well.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination Drills: These exercises train kids to pay attention to their surroundings. For example, dribbling a ball in basketball requires your child to pay attention to controlling the ball. However, it also requires them to pay attention to moving forward towards the hoop.

Visit our YouTube channel to view some fun exercises for kids you can try today!

Final Thoughts

As your child develops and grows, they must be given the best opportunities to increase their attention span.  

Remember, core and coordination training can be just as effective on mental endurance as it can be on physical endurance. Encouraging your child to engage in exercise that requires them to focus and multi-task is key.

For more information on core and coordination training, contact Balance Academy today!

Fun Exercise for Kids

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