5 Fantastic Exercises for Increasing Your Child’s Core Strength

As your child grows, it is important to focus on boosting their core strength.

A strong core can have many benefits for kids, including greater stability and improved balance!

In this post, we will cover 5 fantastic exercises you can use to help your child develop their core strength. Plus, all of these activities can be done from the comfort of your own home!

1. Bridges

The bridge exercise is a fairly simple one.

First, your child must lay on the floor with their knees bent and their feet flat on the floor. Then, they raise their hips by pushing their heels into the floor. And there you have it – the bridge!

The key with the bridge is to perform multiple repetitions and have your child hold it at the top. This engages their core and helps them to begin increasing their endurance.

2. Knock Me Over

Knock Me Over, sometimes called Push Over, is a fun game that is actually exercise in disguise.

To play, have your child stand upright and tighten their core. They should also take a firm stance with their legs slightly spread. Then, you push against them to try and knock them over!

The goal is to teach your child how to properly engage their core to better resist the pushing. Alternatively, your child can try to knock you over as well!

This helps to teach them how to apply force properly when exercising – a necessary skill as they move into more advanced strength training!

3. The Crab Walk

The Crab Walk is an exercise that engages your child’s upper body as well as their core!

To get into the Crab Walk position, the hands are placed on the floor below the shoulders while in a sitting position. The fingers should be facing towards the legs. Then, the feet and legs push upwards to lift the hips off the floor!

This exercise requires your child to tighten their core and abs to maintain the pose. Once they have mastered balancing in the position, they can begin walking around like a true crab!

4. Cycling

Bicycling is a hallmark of childhood – and it helps keep your kid’s core strong!

Children typically learn how to cycle between the ages of 5 and 8. Learning to ride a bike requires them to understand how to use their core to balance.

Once they have mastered getting on the bike, they can then take the neighbourhood by storm! (With adult supervision of course…)

Cycling helps to condition and maintain the core’s strength over time.

5. Superman

Is your child in love with superheroes? Do they ever express wanting to become one?

Then the Superman might be the perfect core exercise!

Like the other activities included here, the Superman is pretty straightforward. Simply have your child lie on their stomach with their legs and arms outstretched. Then, they must lift their legs, arms, and upper body off the ground.

This makes them look like Superman when he flies! The Superman pose is excellent for increasing core strength. It can also be a fun challenge to see how long your child can hold it for!

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Fun Exercise for Kids

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