Core & Coordination training: Building confidence and a positive mind-set through simple and enjoyable physical activities for kids

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Fun Exercise for Kids aged 6-12:

Core & Coordination Training

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Building confidence and a positive mind-set through simple and enjoyable physical activities for kids.

Balance Academy provides an easy and fun way for kids to exercise daily through simple activities and challenges.

  • Improve mobility and coordination
  • Increase stamina
  • And lastly, have fun with enjoyable exercises designed for kids


While the pandemic has not been easy for most of us, our kids are also facing mental stresses from being cooped up at home for long hours.

As parents, we try to provide our children with proper nutrition, education and rest. But one important aspect to ensuring their mental wellbeing is getting enough physical movement, which has become more challenging when we want to reduce the chances of infection by minimising time spent outdoors on non-essential activities.

Their inability to engage with their friends has also led to feelings of isolation and providing your children with a safe outlet is critical to keep their spirits up.

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Balance Academy incorporates elements of Rhythmic Gymnastics (dance movements, acrobatics, calisthenics, etc.) into its online exercise programs for kids, based on our founders’ extensive years of training in the sport. This helps to build a strong foundation of exercises that not only leads to physical benefits but also cognitive development.

Fun exercise for kids

Keep fit from the comfort and safety of your home

Enrolling kids in a safe, non-contact activity will support their physical and mental growth during this time. The natural production of endorphins will also boost your child’s mood and relieve them of the stresses related to social isolation and confinement.

Our routines are designed to challenge the flexibility of your child’s muscles, ensuring that they can be lithe and flexible as they get older.

4 Fun Ways to Get Kids Exercising at Home

Build self-esteem and mental strength to overcome challenges

The techniques we teach in our online lessons to improve core strength and coordination will help your child learn how to stand up taller. They will develop the confidence to perform and excel, which is transferable directly to their everyday life. 

 Additionally, the discipline, attention, and dedication that our exercises require can help them push through difficulties – whether physical, mental or emotional.

Fun exercise for kids

Last but not least, making sure you're having fun!

Even the most inactive child can pick up our movements easily, easing them into learning to enjoy physical activity. Solidifying a healthy and happy relationship between a child and movement is critical to building a love for physical activity that will stay with them through to adulthood.


Balance Academy was created to share the passion and art of Rhythmic Gymnastics with kids, which are incorporated into our online Core & Coordination exercise lessons.

In addition to being a positive force in increasing self-confidence, Rhythmic Gymnastics has also been associated with cognitive development in growing minds. The balance and coordination in Rhythmic Gymnastics can improve a student’s learning comprehension, leading to long-term memory development. As students progress, they are learning, growing, and of course, having fun along the way. 

Balance Academy provides a variety of activities, programs and competitions suitable for all ages & abilities.



Founder & Lead Instructor -
Erika Kurokawa

Erika began practicing and competing competitively in Rhythmic Gymnastics over 20 years ago. Sports and exercise has significantly shaped her life, helped her channel her competitive spirit, and learn discipline.

Over ten years ago, she chose to share both her passion and expertise with others and became a teacher.  In 2014, she started Balance Academy with the vision to help others gain the confidence she has gained through exercise.

What’s great about our program is the almost-instantaneous results, with each session only taking up around 20-30  minutes of their day. The smiles we see after each class gives us great joy, motivating us to deliver even higher standards in our next session.”

Erika Kurokawa, Founder and Lead Instructor of Balance Academy

Erika is certified by the Gifu gymnastics Association, and has taught in Japan, Singapore and Canada


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